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Plastic particles in drinking water present ‘low’ risk: WHO

GENEVA (Reuters) – Microplastics contained in drinking water pose a “low” risk to human health at current levels, but more research is needed to reassure consumers, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday. FILE PHOTO: A water bottle is seen next to a student studying at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) campus… Read More »

What you need to know about hospitals nationwide promoting free hernia screenings

The ad pictured above was for a Chicago-area hospital.  But such marketing is popping up all over the U.S.  It’s happening not just in paid-for ads and marketing, but also in supposedly independently vetted journalism. Here are just a few of many examples you can find online. In Amarillo, Texas, a TV news anchor presented… Read More »

My Overweight, Disabled Body Image

I’ve been thinking a lot about the beauty standards of the dominant culture since Toni Morrison died. In her first novel, The Bluest Eye, Morrison paints a picture of how such standards affect girls and women, particularly African American girls. In an admittedly different way, Eurocentric and patriarchal standards of aesthetics can also negatively affect… Read More »