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Travel Tip of the Week: Travelling With Kids? Some Ways to Make The Best of Your Family Vacation

Family vacations (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Planning a family trip is exciting but it can also be stressing if your kids are small. Travelling with children in tow means you have to well planned and cannot leave much place for risks or impromptu plans. But kids have a curious nature, which makes them more interested in… Read More »

High Intensity Exercise Best for Heart Health (STUDY)

A study shows that high intensity workouts are more beneficial compared to traditional endurance exercise for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is a major reason for mortality worldwide and its risk factors begin in childhood. This study looks at the effects of intense, brief exercise in comparison to traditional endurance exercise on cardiovascular… Read More »

Best natural remedies for hay fever

Spring and summer is the worst time of the year for hay fever sufferers and naturally, many people will search for the best remedies that will improve their symptoms. While hay fever tablets that you buy in pharmacies work to some extent, they are not always effective and may not work for severe hay fever… Read More »